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Formula to Make Money Online

make money online

Yes! You read it right. Today, I will tell you the formula to make money online. It’s a formula preserved by top bloggers in the world who makes millions online. And today I am going to tell it all to you. Do not worry, its not a get rich overnight trick. It’s just an honest solution to the most important query that all the bloggers have- “How to really make money online”. Continue reading…

How I Made $5000 in The First Month With a Brand New Blog


Hi All

Here is a video where I tell my secret of how I made $5000 in the first month with a brand new blog. Watch it to understand the entire concept of making money online. Also leave your comments at the bottom if you have any question or feedback on my technique of making money online. Continue reading…

Top 10 On Page SEO Tips for Year 2014

on page seo

The SEO of a website can be divided into 2 parts, namely, Off page SEO and On Page SEO. Both of them are equally important for any blog to rank high in search engines. Off Page SEO includes the things you do out of your website to improve your blog’s reputation with Google. This includes tasks like […]

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How to Check Backlinks of Any Website?

dofollow backlinks

One of the most difficult task for any blogger is to build high quality backlinks. Often bloggers struggle to find good blogs and websites from which they can build their backlinks. They often try to check backlinks of top websites on the web using some backlink finder tool. There are many problems with these backlink finder tools. […]

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Increase Traffic On Your Blog by 1000 Daily Visitors

increase traffic

Hello my readers. I just ‘Realized’ an awesome trick to increase traffic on your blog. Please mind the term, Realized, as I was doing this thing for long and many of you might also be, but only in past few days, I have realized how I get more traffic to my blog to a magnitude of 1000 visitors […]

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FREE! WordPress Video Tutorial For Beginners

wordpress video tutorial for beginners

I have always insisted the WordPress is the Best Platform for Blogging. If you have just started with blogging on shifted to WordPress from BlogSpot, I am sure you are looking for a complete tutorial on WordPress. As WordPress is little technical to use, but once you get a hang of it, it will become […]

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Why WordPress is Better Than Blogspot?

wordpress vs blogspot

For any new blogger, the first challenge is the decide which blogging platform to choose for blogging. There are platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot and Tumblr. Although for many amateur bloggers BlogSpot is the first choice, any professional blogger will start with self hosted WordPress blog. There are many reasons why one should choose a Self […]

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Why WordPress Should Be Used For Blogging?

why wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform and many of my beginner users have a questions- Why WordPress?  or why not some other services like BlogSpot. Well lets see why WordPress is the best.

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How Much Money Should Your Blog Make?

blog make money calculator

Many people wonder, how much money can their blog make if they get X number of visitors per month? Most of the expert tell you that there is no set rule for this and it depends on various factors. Thus you are never sure if the money you are making from your blog actually the […]

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Top 25 Dofollow Article Submission Sites

article submission sites

It’s feels always great to help my readers improve the search engine performance of their websites. One key way to improve your websites ranking and get more traffic is through guest posting or article submission. This article provides you with a list of top 25 such dofollow article submission sites which you can use for […]

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