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How to Check Backlinks of Any Website?

One of the most difficult task for any blogger is to build high quality backlinks. Often bloggers struggle to find good blogs and websites from which they can build their backlinks. They often try to check backlinks of top websites on the web using some backlink finder tool. There are many problems with these backlink finder tools. Firstly, they are not Free, meaning blogger has to shell out money from their pockets. Secondly, they might not search blogs relevant to your niche. Thus backlinks from non-relevant blogs are good for nothing.

Check BacklinksOne clever way to check backlinks is to look at the backlinking websites to your competitors. Pickup the most successful blog in your niche and check which all sites links back to them. Many bloggers use Alexa and SEO Moz to do the same but these software only provide you with a preview of few of the websites. To access the remaining websites which are giving backlinks to your competitors you will have to purchase licence of these software. This creates problems for new bloggers who do not wish to invest resources on SEO at the begining.

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For such bloggers, today I am going to tell you a way to get to check backlinks of any website on the internet. Using this Backlink Finder tool you will be able to:

  1. Get to know all the Backlinking websites of any Blog/Website for FREE
  2. Download these backlinks in MS Excel format and save it in your computer
  3. Get to know whether the backlinks are DoFollow or NoFollow
  4. Get to know the Anchor text for Each Backlink
  5. Get to know the URL from where Backlink comes

You might be wondering which is this backlink finder tool that can help you to check backlinks, and that too for free. Well, the tool is a paid one but comes with a 15 days Free trial. You just need to signup  using your email id and can access all its functions for 15 days for FREE. During these 15 days you can check backlinks of unlimited number of your competitors into your computer in MS Excel format. After 15 days, if you dont want to get a paid version, don’t do anything and your account will be closed. You would have already downloaded the list of backlinks for most of your competitors. All you need to do now is the start building your own backlinks from the URLs in the files downloaded by Commenting and Guest Posting on the required sites. In no time, you will be having backlinks from websites which links to your competitors.

What is this name of this Tool to Check Backlinks?

The Name of the tool is Webmeup.

How to Use WebMeUp?

Go to Following Link. A window like below will come. Just sign up by entering your email ID or you can even sign up using Facebook. You don’t have to share any payment information.

check backlinks


Enter the URL of the competitor website and click Check Backlinks

Once you click there, a report will be generated just below which will look like this:


Check Backlinks

On the top right corner of the report, there will be an option to download all the backlinks of the blog in MS Excel format. Just click on it and it will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

All that is now left is to go to each of the backlinking URL of your competitor and put link to your website by Commenting, Guest Posting or Submitting Websites Address to these sites.

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