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Formula to Make Money Online

Yes! You read it right. Today, I will tell you the formula to make money online. It’s a formula preserved by top bloggers in the world who makes millions online. And today I am going to tell it all to you. Do not worry, its not a get rich overnight trick. It’s just an honest solution to the most important query that all the bloggers have- “How to really make money online”.

make money onlineMany people think there is a magic formula to make tonnes of cash over night. These get rich quick schemes often have about as much chance of working out as you would have if you bought a lottery ticket; probably less than that even!

However. There is another formula of how to make money; but it won’t make you rich over night. If you want the income you are going to have to work for it, but it does work. I’m the living proof.

So how does it work?

It’s a very simple and easy formula that goes like this:

Find a problem, Create a solution, sell that solution.

Spotting the Problem

making money onlineThere are literally thousands of problems that are just waiting to be solved, so there is bound to be a problem your readers are having, or maybe it’s a problem throughout the niche you are part of. For example, A white collar worker wanting to explore his hobby of carpeting, a wine enthusiast willing to learn how to make wine, a technology geek looking for some tricks for his new gadget. All of these guys have a problem which they need to fix. They search for information about it and some of them are willing to pay for the solution to their problem.

Creating a Solution

making money onlineOnce you have spotted the problem, you need to create a solution for that. A solution that is really helpful to the users. Example of how I created a solution to a problem:

Problem: People kept asking me, “How can I make money online from my blog?”
Solution: I created Blog2Earn which has given out valuable information such as my free 7-day E-Course and our many other posts, pages and guides.

Selling that solution

making money onlineOnce you have a solution, you can now offer to sell it to your readers. You might offer the basic solution for free (like the information in you blog) but offer a more detailed solution as a product which the interested user has to purchase. On the other hand, you might just want to sell a product from some other service provider which solves the problem of your reader and earn affiliate commission on it.


Well, that’s it. The simple and actual formula to make money online from your blog. Believe me when I say, there is no other way in which a blogger can make money except by providing good solutions to the problems people face. These problems become your niche and you become the expert in these.

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I hope you liked reading this post. If you have any feedback or query, please leave it in the comments section below. Also if you want to learn my way of making money online, please fill in your details in FREE Course signup box below. To your success.

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