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How Much Money Should Your Blog Make?

Many people wonder, how much money can their blog make if they get X number of visitors per month? Most of the expert tell you that there is no set rule for this and it depends on various factors. Thus you are never sure if the money you are making from your blog actually the right amount you should be making.

blog make money calculator

I have a solution to this concern of your’s. Introducing ‘Blog Make Money Calculator’

This is a calculator I have prepared after researching income reports of more than 1000 blogs in different niches. I used statistical regression analysis to determine the relationship between the money these blogs were making and various factors that were contributing to them.

In the end I found that there were 3 factors that determined with 90% accuracy the amount these blogs were making. These factors were: Monthly Traffic, Niche and Type of Methodology Used to Generate income. Any blogger who knows these 3 things about his blog can calculate the expected average income he can generate per month.

So what are you waiting for. Insert the details below and start knowing how much money your blog can make. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment about how you feel about this calculator.


‘Blog Make Money’ Calculator

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  1. i don’t understand what to do to earn money online in this

    • Michael D Michael D says:

      Hi rupal. Enroll into my free course and start your own professional blog following my instructions delivered directly to your email. That’s all you need to do:)

      Of you follow my instructions you would me making money in one month from now

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